How to Choose The Perfect Perfume Bottle?

Did you know that the perfume bottle you choose is as important as the fragrance itself? Putting as much effort in the nuances and notes of your perfume is as important as choosing perfume bottles that are the right shape, colour, pump and closure. The packaging of a fragrance will convey to the consumer the message or emotion you’re trying to create with your product or brand. Choose the wrong custom perfume bottle and you might confuse the consumer, leaving them feeling that the fragrance inside is not what they thought it would be from the outside.

Here’s a sneak peek at our top tips for choosing the perfect perfume bottles and what to consider including the different types of perfume bottles available;

How to choose the best perfume bottle?

We believe there are a few pertinent questions that you should first ask before deciding on the right fragrance bottle for your brand. These questions will help you narrow down what exactly it is you’re trying to achieve or what message you’re trying to convey to your audience or consumer:

  1. What is my product? A luxury fragrance for women or men, an everyday perfume for sporty young women, or even a no-nonsense manly fragrance for the discerning gentlemen?
  2. What emotion do you want to product to evoke? Do you want your consumer to feel relaxed, inspired, sexy, active or perhaps even superior when they smell your fragrance brand?
  3. How do you want your fragrance to stand out from the rest? Do you want your perfume pump or spray bottle to be colourful and unique, or to be effortless and stylish? Do you want a decorative closure or perhaps enclose it a box instead?
  4. What is your product’s unique selling point? What is it that makes your product unique? Is it the fragrance itself, its longevity on the skin, the bottle, the cost etc?

What to consider when choosing a perfume bottle?

There are many different styles of perfume bottles from standard, simple pumps to decorative perfume bottles too. Take a look at some of the different bottle options available from leading perfume packaging manufacturers, like ACS Promotions:


Perfume bottles come in almost as many shapes as they do fragrances. From round or oval, to cylindrical and square, you will have a myriad of shape choices to choose from. When conveying a message or emotion, shape plays an important role. The round or oval shapes can convey a more feminine, womanly feeling whereas the square or rectangular bottles can appear more masculine and structured.


When it comes to fragrances, size does matter. You could choose a small 15ml carry-around glass vial for your fragrance or a more substantial 50ml or 100ml bottle instead. Again, it all comes down to the message you’re trying to convey.

Bottle Type

Most perfumers prefer to house their fragrances in glass bottles, but plastic can be considered too. Glass is a good option for perfume as there are no chemicals that could potentially seep out of the packaging and interfere with the scent. When choosing a glass bottle, you have the option of choosing clear or frosted glass or perhaps even a coloured glass too.

Pumps or Sprays

Decisions need to be made on the perfect packaging from the bottle itself right down to the type and colour of the pump or spray that you choose. Choosing the right colour and look of the pump that will sit in or on top of your glass bottle, will add to the overall look and feel of the product. Choose between black and white or silver and gold pumps as a start.

Find out more about how perfume pumps work in our blog on How Does a Perfume Pump Work


Caps or closures are the final piece of the puzzle that needs to be decided upon. You might have chosen the perfect bottle for your brand but if you don’t choose a cap that matches the bottle and the message you’re trying to convey, it could ruin the entire product. At ACS Promotions, we stock a range of cap types and colours too.

Visit our showroom and get the first-hand experience on trying, testing and choosing the perfect perfume bottle, pump and cap for your brand today. Chat to the ACS Promotions team on 011 783 0605.

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