Perfume Oils

A sweet base, for a lingering memory

Wouldn’t you want your much-loved perfume creation and brand to look exquisite and smell incredible too? We offer luxury perfume oil products from our line of French fine fragrance oils. Create the scent of the season by mixing fragrances from our line of French oils with our perfume ethanol base. Voila! You have a luxury, top-quality fragrance blended perfectly to your unique specifications.

Perfume Oil Suppliers

We offer wholesale perfume/fragrance oils with long-lasting base notes as well as our internationally developed perfumers ethanol base, the ideal perfume solvent, and a detailed range of glass packaging to choose from.

Perfume Oil Types

ACS offers sensational scents with a spectacular array of choice.

Enquire about our Perfume Oil options as well as ‘Inspired by’ Fragrance Generics. Depending on the perfume type you are manufacturing, we would supply the fragrance oil and ethanol to your requirements.

What are the different types of perfume oils?

Within every kind of perfume, a variety of raw materials (natural and synthetic) can be found. Every perfume contains top, middle and base notes that could be a combination of many different types of fragrance notes designed to hit the nose at different times.

ACS offers a large range of blended perfume oils for use in top-quality fragrances.

Enquire now about our range of blended perfume oils and ‘inspired by’ fragrance generics.

Understanding Perfume Blends

Top notes

These are the first notes you experience after applying perfume and consist of the most volatile compounds, which are short-lived. Think of them like a taster of what is to come, an introduction to the fragrance.

Mid Notes

As the top notes are fading the mid notes start to surface. These notes serve as a link between the short lived top notes and the heavier long lasting base notes.

Base Notes

Base notes are what provides a fragrance’s longevity. The foundation of the fragrance is the base note and an investment into top-quality ingredients ensures the long-lasting characteristics of the base notes which will last for hours.

Perfumes come in four main categories, namely Perfume (or Parfum or Extrait), Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne.

Perfume, Parfum or Extrait

Perfume contains the highest concentration of fragrance oil to ethanol. You can usually expect to find around 15 – 30% perfume oil to ethanol in perfume making it a product that is designed to last for many hours on the skin. This is also what makes perfume more expensive than the other perfume types.

Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum contains typically between 15 – 20% perfume oil to ethanol, making it the perfume type with a lower concentration than perfume. Eau de Parfum is lighter in fragrance but can still last the whole day on the skin.

Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette has a slightly lower concentration, with a ratio of fragrance oil to ethanol of typically around 5 – 15%. Many people choose an Eau de Toilette fragrance for day-to-day use because it generally lasts for several hours.

Eau de Cologne

Typically retailed as after shaves or splash-on men’s fragrances, Eau de Cologne’s have the fourth lowest perfume concentration of around 2 – 4% fragrance oil to ethanol. Eau de Cologne is a great product to splash on the skin and go for a meeting or before a date or special occasion.

More than just Perfume Oils

At ACS, not only do we supply perfume oils wholesale, but we can also assist you in choosing the right packaging and quality final product look and feel by supplying bottles, sprayers and caps to our customers as well as our perfumers base ethanol.

For more information on how ACS can assist you in creating your signature inspired-by scent, chat with us today.

ACS, we deliver excellence with a spectacular array of sensational scents.