Skin Care Packaging

As one of SA’s leading skin care packaging suppliers, we are proud to offer you an extensive range of jars and bottles in a variety of material and designs. Find your unique brand look with skin care product packaging from ACS.
It’s been proven that the way a product looks has a huge impact on the consumer’s emotional reaction and attachment to the product. The saying ‘first impressions last’ has never been truer than when it comes to skin care packaging.
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The size, shape and colour of your product can evoke emotions in your consumer as well as create a sense of brand recognition and brand loyalty too. Allow us to help you find the perfect packaging for your skin care products and ensure that you become unforgettable to your customers.

Let us print your logo and artwork onto the chosen packaging ensuring your brand receives a lasting and professional impact.

Lotion Packaging Specialists

Where can I buy skin care and lotion containers?

We supply unique ranges of high-quality skin care lotion packaging, which sustainably meets international standards. Partner with the ACS team now and we will be able to offer you’re a diverse and affordable range of packaging options from plastic and glass jars and bottles to aluminium jars and plastic lotion, serum and spray pumps too.

Take a more detailed look at our skin care packaging range now;

We sell exclusively within the B2B space and enjoy partnerships with a long and illustrious list of skin care producers and manufacturers; both locally and abroad too.

Apart from skin care packaging, we also offer packaging the following specialist industries;