Fine Fragrance Generics

When inspiration strikes

We offer a large array of fine fragrance generic perfumes and inspired-by perfumes from around the world. We work closely with our B2B customers to create blends that are inspired by international brands.

What is an “inspired-by” perfume?

An inspired-by perfume makes use of the same or similar ingredients and notes to create an almost identical scent that is inspired by another. Many of our B2B customers come to us with a vision of creating a scent that is inspired by international brands; we are able to create this scent using the best quality top, mid and base notes from one of the best fragrance oil manufacturers in France.

When making perfume generics, the process taken is one that mimics or combines the same ingredients and fragrance oils as is used to create a perfume that is already on the market. A perfume generic uses a similar chemical composition to other international brands.

Our inspired-by or generic perfume and perfume making ingredients (such as our French fine fragrance oils and our internationally formulated perfumer’s ethanol) are of the finest quality and make use of the highest quality fragrance oil that our customers have come to know and love from other internationally-inspired brands.

At ACS, we invest in the highest quality base notes which create the longer lasting fragrances that will have your customers rushing back to buy more.

“Inspired by” Perfume from ACS

We offer a service that includes the creation of top-quality, long-lasting fragrances including our range of perfume bottles, sprayers and perfume ethanol too.

Our family-owned, perfume business allows us to offer the best perfume-making ingredients at competitive prices. The consistency in the oils allows for no deviations in the quality of the oils which means that our customers have come to expect our fragrance oils to last much longer on the skin.

We only Air-Freight our fragrance oils from the finest fragrance house in France, enabling us to offer quality raw materials that are second to none. By air freighting our oils, we can offer timeous arrival of our quality oils at more than competitive prices in comparison to some of our competitors.

For more information on inspired-by range of fragrance oils and perfume generics contact us today.

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