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Choosing the right kind of bottle to represent your brand is key. Customers will base their opinions of a product based holistically on how the product looks, feels and performs. At ACS, we offer an extensive range of world-class pumps and closures for a variety of industries. From trigger spray bottles for the home care industry, to perfume atomisers for the fragrance industry, serum and high end serum pumps and droppers, we are able to offer it all to both local and international product manufacturers.

Take your brand to the next level with top-quality packaging, pumps and bottles. Choose ACS today.

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What is a perfume pump or fragrance pump?

A perfume or fragrance pump is a pump that either has a screw-on or crimp-on application onto the neck of the perfume bottle. ACS pumps are specially designed for the application of fragrance and perfume ensuring a sophisticated spray pattern that enhances the customers’ sensorial experience.

Our extensive range of pumps come in a variety of sizes and finishes from plastic to metal actuators and have all been through extensive testing. Automatic machinery assembles the pumps to your specifications. With over 35 years of experience let us be your go to company for your pump requirements.

How does a spray bottle work?

A spray bottle will suck up the fluid in the base of the bottle through a suction straw and dispense it through its pump engine either as a fine mist or spray. Spray bottles are used in the both the skin care and beauty industry as well as the perfume and home care industry too.

What neck size pump must I select?

To ensure a good fitment and seal between your desired pump and the neck of the bottle you need to ensure that you start off by selecting a bottle neck to match your desired pump. Perfume and fragrance bottles normally have a 15mm or 20mm crimp neck whereas lotion dispensing, and trigger sprayers usually come in either 24/410 or 28/410 screw bottle neck finishes. It is important to always conduct full fitment, stability and compatibility testing between your chosen packaging and formula.

Types of Pumps and Closures

At ACS, we stock an array of top-quality pump spray bottles and closures that are perfect for home care products, skin care products as well as perfumes. Our range is varied enough to suit many manufacturers needs, but we are also able to custom-design packaging pumps and triggers to suit your specific needs today.

Take a look at our Pumps & Closures offering now;

Trigger Spray Pumps

Our trigger sprayers with a 28/410 neck finish are ideal for surface sprays, hand sanitisers, disinfectant sprays, window cleaning products, pet health and much more. We are able to supply an off the shelf or bespoke bottle to go perfectly with our triggers. Speak to us about any special chemical trigger spray requirements you require including aggressive formulations.

Lotion Dispensing Pumps

We stock a variety of lotion dispensing pumps and skin care pumps in different sizes, colours and that are ideally used for body creams and lotions, hand sanitizers, serums, gels and foams. Customers can also choose pumps for lotions with a variety of pump nozzles and closure types too. ACS caters for many bottle neck sizes including 20/400, 24/410, 28,410 neck sizes

Perfume Pumps and Atomisers

Our extensive range of perfume pumps and atomisers are of the highest quality, perfect for any fragrance brand. Our fragrance pumps come in a variety of sizes and shapes with a wide offering of actuator styles and colours. Crimp perfume pumps in 15mm and 20mm neck sizes as well as screw neck glass bottles are available in stock.

Cosmetic Pumps

We also supply our pumps and closures range to the cosmetic industry and are mainly used for cosmetic lotions, liquid foundations, oil based serums and other cosmetic products.

Where to buy skin care pumps and closures?

You can get all your skin care pumps, home care trigger spray pumps, perfume and cosmetic pump bottles and closures from ACS today. Ideal for bottling hand sanitisers, lotions, serums, perfume and cosmetics to market, talk to the ACS team today about a range of pumps and closures including flip top caps and disc top caps that suit your brand now.

We have been supplying the South African market with high-quality packaging products since 1985 and we are recognised each year as one of the best suppliers in the business by top beauty industry brands.

To view our full range of packaging and base products, visit our showroom and warehouse. Call to book an appointment or simply pop in.  We’re open Monday to Thursday, 8am-5pm and Fridays, 8am-4:30pm.

ACS, we deliver excellence.