Colour Cosmetics

We have significant experience and expertise in the production of foundation, lipstick, mascara, powders, lip glosses, pencils and nail polish. With partnerships across Europe, we offer colour cosmetics with cutting edge formulations specifically developed for the African market.
As ACS, we are one of the country’s leading fillers of colour cosmetics, able to provide an end-to-end, fully-finished, bespoke colour cosmetic range. Let us develop your range with MOQ’s ranging from 3000 units per shade and upwards.
From head to toe, inner to outer, choose to package your beauty brand in style with the colour cosmetics essentials range from ACS today.

Colour Cosmetics Manufacturers

What are colour cosmetics?

Colour cosmetics, are any kind of coloured material that is used to enhance the beauty and pizzaz of the wearer. Colour cosmetics can include make-up colours in cream or powder forms like eyeshadows and blushers, lipstick colours in a variety of shades and textures, mascaras in differing textures and brush formats, foundations and concealers and nail polishes too.

At ACS, we supply cutting-edge formulations to the Southern African market for use in creating iconic and long-lasting make up products and brands. If you are a SA cosmetic’s brand, chat to the ACS team today about how we can help you with an end to end solution for products like lipsticks, mascaras, pressed powders, liquid foundations and nail polishes today.

Not only do we specialise in supplying formulations for make-up but we also provide high-end packaging for cosmetic products as well as perfume base ingredients and perfume ethanol for the beauty industry too. We offer a bespoke, all-round service which includes helping you create the perfect blend and look for your product.

Where to buy colour cosmetics?

For a company that packages beauty from the inside and out, visit ACS today. You can view our world-class showroom to view our range of high-end designs package and distribute to our products across South Africa. Since 1985, we have been providing our customers with excellence in both technology, sales and service.

To view our full range of packaging and base products, visit our showroom and warehouse. Call to book an appointment or simply pop in.  We’re open Monday to Thursday, 8am-5pm and Fridays, 8am-4:30pm.

ACS, we deliver excellence.