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Create your signature scent today with fine French Fine Fragrance Oils manufactured in Grasse, France. Our perfume oils on offer are a high-end mix of aromas, oils and natural ingredients that are guaranteed to bring a beautiful mix of notes to your fragrance blend.

ACS are able to help you in selecting your blend of oils for your fragrance brand that will rival even the finest French perfume labels. Our blendology experts will help you find the perfect top, mid and base notes that will combine to create a signature scent. Fragrance oils with deep investment in the base notes ensures your fragrance brand will be known for its longevity on the skin.

French Fragrance Oil Suppliers

At ACS, we proudly stock a range of French fragrance oils that can be used to create your brands signature scent.

What is French perfume oil?

The perfume itself is a mixture of essential oils, aromas, fixatives and solvents all blended together in a unique combination to create a particular scent. When it comes to French Fine Fragrance Oil perfumes, they are thought to have originated from a small French village in Provence, dating back to the 17th century. Since then, the French have become synonymous with creating a perfume that is typically made from oils and resins found in nature. The French have perfected oil-based perfumes that are both complex and long-lasting. Thankfully, they have made their fine oils available to the world too, allowing us to use their high-end oils in many of our perfumes, oils and home-based products too.

How to make French perfume?

Creating a French-style perfume or fragrance requires a fine blend of oils, aromas and solvents. The ACS team of fragrance experts, are able to partner with the brand managers of your fragrance brand in helping you make the finest perfume. Stand out from the crowd and create a scent that is inspired by your favourite brands.

Where can I buy French perfume oils?

Our team at ACS will help you create the perfect French perfume creation from start to finish for you. From French Fine Fragrance Oils to use in your blend, to the most effective perfume ethanol to use as the fragrance solvent, and even to the perfect packaging for your brand. The ACS team offers you a bespoke, turnkey service in the creation of fine fragrances.

To view our full range of packaging and base products, enquire now or visit our showroom and warehouse. We’re open Monday to Thursday, 8am-5pm and Fridays, 8am-4:30pm.