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Fragrance Oils for Skin and Body Care Products

When you think of your favourite lotion or shampoo, the memory most likely comes hand in hand with a familiar scent or smell of the product you’re imagining. That’s because body care products like lotions, creams, and other skin care products are manufactured with an entire sensory experience in mind, from touch and feel, to smell and even taste too.

Just how do these skin care products get that beautiful scent wafting through them? Thanks to fragrance or perfume oils that are safe for the skin, of course. Manufacturers of body and skin care products use fine fragrance oils for skin care in their formulations to create the signature scent they are looking for.

Apart from skin care, products for the home like laundry detergents and home care products and even car fresheners also include skin safe fragrance oils in them to give them the signature scent the creator is looking for.

At ACS Promotions, we supply fragrance oils for skin and body care products to our B2B customers who are wanting to create high-quality products for their markets. We supply high-quality, long-lasting fragrance oils for lotion making, as well as other body care and home care products too.

Can you use fragrance oils in body lotions?

We offer fragrance oils that are specifically made for use on the skin and are in compliance with EU regulations. Furthermore our fragrance oils are manufactured for external use in many consumer products such as perfumes, perfume diffusers, skin care, body care and home care products. Our customers who manufacture lotions and other body care products use our French fine fragrance oils to create the perfect products which leave a long-lasting scent on the skin all day.

Choose ACS Promotions for the best fragrance oils for your skin and body care range

By choosing fragrance oils for skincare from ACS Promotions, you’re investing in the best quality oils available on the market, and ones that are created by one of the leading perfume houses in France. Our fragrance oil for body care products are internationally inspired and keep up with what is popular right now on an international front.

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