Fragrance Pumps

When standing at a fragrance counter, many customers will make their buying decision based on both the smell of the fragrance and on the way the bottle appears. Many perfume brands will argue that the look and feel of a fragrance pump is as importance as the smell. At ACS, we know that consumers make decisions with their emotions, and as such, we are able to offer our customers a range of stylish, quality perfume pumps and perfume bottle dispensers that will create an emotive experience for their customers.

Choose from our range of perfume spray atomisers and pumps with both metal and plastic actuators for your fragrance today. We are a B2B supplier of excellent quality pumps with a variety of high head spray nozzles in differing colours, finishes and sizes.

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Perfume Pump Suppliers

What is a fragrance pump?

A fragrance pump is an aesthetically pleasing closure that is crimped or screwed onto a fragrance bottle allowing the fragrance to be dispensed in a fine mist. A fragrance pump is a technically complex component used to suck up the liquid from a bottle of perfume and to expel it from the orifice situated in the head or actuator. The pump consists of a tube, an engine and a spray mist head at the top of the pump. The head sucks up the fragrance through the pipe and dispenses it in a fine mist or spray onto its willing owner.

At ACS, we not only stock fragrance pumps or perfume atomisers, but we also offer a range of pumps and closures for other uses too. Click here to view our range.

Where to buy fragrance pumps?

If you are a perfume brand or fragrance manufacturer, you will be able to buy our high-quality perfume pumps at competitive prices. We use automatic machinery to assemble pumps to your required specifications. Our range of quality glass packaging for perfumes will be an investment in your product and will have your customers loyalty guaranteed from the minute they see it.

For superior packaging and quality base ingredients, choose ACS today.

To view our full range of packaging and base products, visit our showroom and warehouse. Call to book an appointment or simply pop in.  We’re open Monday to Thursday, 8am-5pm and Fridays, 8am-4:30pm.

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