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We take advantage that our perfume bottles simply spray the liquid in the glass or plastic bottle onto our bodies as a fine mist. Have you ever wondered how? Let’s take a look at how perfume pumps work and how that liquid is turned into the spray that we love.

How does a perfume pump work?

There are basically two steps to how perfume pumps spray. It is a simple process of turning liquid into mist. Allow us to explain it for you right now;

Step 1 – Liquid

The first step in packaging of perfume is once the perfume has been formulated as a liquid, to pour it into the packaging chosen be it a glass atomiser or plastic perfume spray pump bottle. The fragrance will be in a liquid form at this point.

Step 2 – Liquid to Mist

To get the liquid out of the bottle as a mist onto your skin, the spray bottle top or trigger needs to be pressed down. This action draws the liquid perfume up through a tube and it is dispersed through the nozzle of the spray bottle out as a mist. A spray bottle nozzle is designed so that the liquid that passes through it, it turned into a fine mist through the nozzle itself.

How does a perfume atomiser work?

A perfume atomiser works on a similar principle to the spray bottle concept. Atomisers are often made of glass or plastic and can be refilled with perfume liquid regularly. They also stream the liquid fragrance through a nozzle to create a fine mist. Many people carry small atomisers in their handbags or bags to be able to spray perfume on regularly throughout the day.

What are the different types of perfume pumps are there?

At ACS Promotions, we stock a range of perfume pumps and atomisers to choose from. Whether you’re choosing the perfect packaging for your newly created fragrance brand or deciding what spray pump and closure you want for your personal fragrance, you’ll find the right packaging pump to choose with us. Here is an overview of the types of perfume bottles we stock:

  • Clear glass bottles in a variety of shapes including cylindrical, gem, club, round, bachelor, square and more
  • Frosted glass bottles in a variety of shapes too
  • Glass roll on bottles
  • Glass purse spray bottles
  • Glass car fresheners
  • Glass vignetted bottles in a variety of colours

We also stock a range of pumps and caps to choose from to compliment the bottle you’ve chosen.

Find out more about perfume bottle selection in our blog on How to Choose the Perfect Perfume Bottle

Choose the ideal packaging pump or atomiser for your fragrance creation with help from the specialists in perfume oils, solvents, packaging and much more. Chat to the ACS Promotions team today on 011 783 0605.

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